Thursday, January 5, 2012


You better believe it! I apologize for sketching out last semester, I fully intend to be around a lot more this Spring. For some reason the Fall semester always completely overwhelms me and I tend to lose all sense of time my mind. Anywhoo...

I thought I'd start 2012 out with a fresh list of resolutions! (like everyone else on the blog block) I like to make my resolution lists a bit more structured with wait for it ........................... categories! I know, that was shocking, huh? 

Here we go with the Blog category:

Blog Resolutions

                               1.) Blog at least four times a week
                               2.) Make this blog into a more well rounded every day stuff sort of blog
                                                    -with posts topics such as fitness, cooking, decorating, etc.
                               3.) Add more pictures and links to each post
                               4.) Finish up the "For the Love of the Lake" series
                               5.) Get each page up and running 

Fitness Resolutions


                                1.) Actually get on the treadmill :) Not just look at it...
                                2.) Eat at home more (I've actually gotten a lot better about this already) 
                                3.) Get into a routine 

Life in General Resolutions

                               1.) Find more balance 
                               2.) Finish projects within the month 
                               3.) Take more pictures of my day to day life
                               4.) Wake up earlier and seize the day! Carpe Diem! Oh yeah!
                               5.) Create a weekly goal lists (I love to cross things out!)

Okay enough resolutions for now! Tune in tomorrow for a sneak peek of what I have cookin in the living room! I'm super excited to show you guys! Can I get a S - O - F- A!?

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