Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hoping and Wishing and Thinking and Praying

Just finished watching My Best Friend's Wedding on TV. Anyways I'm "hoping and wishing and thinking and praying" for rain here in Oklahoma because it's hot hot hot! Okay enough with the song references...

Here is what I have my eye on for the future rainy days and what better way to make a splash than a brand new pair of rain boots?

So many colors! Should I go with the classic Yellow?

The classic Black?

The classic Red?

Or should I go wild and get a really really fun color like one of these below?

Pink. Need I say more? 

Orange would certainly make an impact!

Anyone have a favorite brand of rain boots? A favorite color? Do you tend to gravitate towards the practical color or the less practical but extremely cute colors when it comes to buying staple items such as rain boots? I'd love to hear from you guys!

*All of these images are via Pinterest and I was in no way compensated for writing anything about Hunter rain boots. I just want a pair badly, but don't know how to decide on the color!*

Monday, August 29, 2011

Long Skirts Yay or Nay?

My obsession with finding the perfect long skirt all started when I saw Erika from Urban Grace Interiors featured in Better Homes and Garden Magazine. Her outfit is stunning, yet seemingly effortless! Love the hot pink with the turquoise! I've had mixed feelings about long skirts since they popped up on the fashion scene, especially because I'm a shortie at 5'3", but I decided to go for it! Who wouldn't when that outfit looks so comfy yet absolutely/outrageously cute!


Here it is at Anthropologie, but unfortunately I couldn't find it in the way too cute hot pink color. It comes in navy though.

Below are some of my inspiration skirts....

These were the types of long skirt outfits that threw me off though. One because I would look like a bag lady and two because I would look like a bag lady :) 

*All of these images are via Pinterest*

Any thoughts on long skirts? Are they Yay! or Nay for you? Stay tuned to see what I whipped up!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Food for Thought

I usually try to think ahead when it comes to dinner plans for the week, otherwise we end up eating a lot of fast food which gets pretty old considering I eat at Chick Fil A about 12 million times a week. Anyways one of my favorite places to look for food inspiration and recipes is Val So Cal. Val is awesome and is constantly coming up with great recipes that are full of fresh produce and super tasty! Here's what I'm thinking dreaming about making next week...

I'm a sucker for anything with avocados or tomatoes, especially if it involves tortilla chips! Love me some guacamole and salsa. Not mixed together sillies :)

I've actually tried this before and it was heavenly! The only thing I didn't put on it were the artichoke hearts because I spent about 30 minutes in the canned food isle looking at corn, green beans, pinto beans, spaghetti sauce, every can on the isle and completely missed the artichoke hearts. Sneak sneaky. I finally found the artichoke hearts and plan on adding them this week! 

And for my favorite part... Dessert! I'm big on dessert, but I also enjoy them so much more when they have an inkling of healthiness (thats probably not a word, but ya know what I mean) to them. 

I'm completely addicted to these! They are so yummy! I love that they are made with oats and brown sugar and apples of course. My dad loves apple pie, but I think these are a healthier option so I made him a batch and he loved them too. They are great with coffee and if you want to add some extra sweetness, they go great with vanilla ice cream too :) Anyone have a favorite recipe that they make every week or just on special occasions? 

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fab Finds!

Last week my sister and I decided we just needed to get away, so we headed down to Dallas for the night for some much needed home decor shopping at Ikea, World Market, and the Container Store. With Mom and my nephew, Baby J, in tow we had a blast! Poor Baby J was so tuckered out at Ikea that he tried to take a nap on one of the kid beds. It was so cute. I wish I would've snapped a picture! 

So at World Market I picked up two of these baskets in sea mist that fit perfectly in the bathroom cabinet. Unfortunately they don't sell this color online, I checked. :( I really could use two or even three more!

I also found this adorable pink dish towel! Isn't it cute?! I think so! It's reversible too. Makes me feel like a princess when I'm drying off the dishes. Oh the little things in life :) 


My finds at Ikea were these grey velvet euro shams that were just perfect for my bed!

And these...

 Two panels come in each package, but I wanted them to be really full and billowy so I bought two packages for each window. I haven't hemmed them yet because I kind of like the dreamy way they puddle on the floor. Or I could just be being lazy?! 

As for The Container Store... no luck, I was just thrown off by the weird pricing. Some things were so reasonable, while others were ridiculously expensive for my budget. 

Jumping to this Friday, I had an amazing coupon at Bath & Body Works, so I headed to the mall and had no idea that soap could be so cute! These covers were only 5 dollas yall! They come in two sizes. One for the foaming soap, thats shorter, and one for the anti-bacterial soaps that are taller. This picture is kind of horrible because it was getting dark outside, but still super cute right?


Here's the pic from the Bath and Body Works website.

I also saw these at the store and thought they would be super cute for halloween, especially as an incentive for kids (boyfriends, husbands) to wash their hands :) 

Have a great weekend yall!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The List

This Fall changes around the house will be in full swing. My plan is to start with the living room because it is the room we use most and is definitely in need of the most attention. We painted it this Summer so it is pretty much a blank slate. I'm excited to start transforming the furniture we already have and bringing in some new pieces. So without further ado.... here is THE LIST!

Living Room
  • buy a rug that has a bold pattern
  • paint trim white
  • replace sofa with this one eventually
  • end tables (add nail head trim)
  • wicker chair re-do
  • pouf 
  • continue floors from kitchen
  • new tv stand, but I want it to be a piece of furniture with a lot of character, but still functional to house the thousands of speakers and tv contraptions we have
  • turn coffee table into an upholstered ottoman 
  • DIY curtains
  • do something to make the front door pop 
  • buy some new lamps
  • paint the living room
  • replace bar with a table 
  • paint table silver (I'm not sure what I want the chairs to be yet)
  • gallery wall
  • hang mirrors
  • paint hallway
  • paint drawers and cabinet
  • replace hardware
  • sew euro shams  (bought super cute grey velvet euro shams at Ikea)
  • make upholstered headboard
  • sew curtains (bought white flowy ones at Ikea)
  • find interesting dresser 
  • paint dresser
  • beef up night stand
  • buy new rug 
  • paint tv stand the light blue greenish color of the ribbon I'm in love with
  • hang mirror
  • take old mirror off the wall
Guest Bedroom
  • paint walls
  • make a tv stand
  • paint captains bed
  • buy mattress
  • sew throw pillow
  • sew curtains
  • create study area
  • bring in desk and chair
  • buy/make shower curtain
  • new light fixture
  • fix mirror
  • paint trim
  • fix door
  • replace hardware
  • paint cabinets white
  • do something with back splash
  • fix kitchen light
  • add hardware
  • repaint kitchen door
  • add kitchen rug 
  • add stainless steel contact paper to dishwasher
This list is definitely going to change and transform over time. Pictures will follow as soon as I cross some items off the list in each room because as of right now its looking a little like a frat house over here.      Good news is boyfriend and I have started our Fall semester and we are actually starting to love it already!      

P.S. Sorry I have been MIA for a while! Wrapping up Summer and starting school kind of took my breath away. Promise. Promise, I won't leave for that long again without any warning. Happy Back to School everyone!