Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Best Part of Waking Up....

Is Keurig in your cup! I'm pretty sure I've used like twelve k-cups since last night when I got my Keurig! It was an early birthday present from the boyfriend!! He's so sweet! Just like the cinnamon roll coffee k-cup or the milk chocolate hot chocolate k-cup or the french vanilla ice coffee k-cup.... ok, ok ya get the picture. But, seriously. SWEETNESS.

Anywhoo... I promised you guys some pictures of the couch and I'm finally going to deliver! (warning the lighting is horrible still and the real camera is on the fritz so I was stuck with my trusty Iphone....Sorry!!!)

Ta Da!!!




So COMFY! Like so comfy you pass out for a while and wake up the next morning kind of comfy! The couch purchase is just the beginning to project "Overhaul Boy Living Room." I never really showed you guys before pictures but visualize brown microfiber couches with pizza stains and bob marley/jimmy hendrix albums tacked on the wall. That. was. my. living. room... I finally persuaded Trey that we needed to start "fresh" and so we started saving our pennies for a new couch. I'm hoping that this new couch is going to be a jumping off point in the decorating process. 

Heck! Even Trey said the other day "Curtains would make this room 10 million times better."

With my response: "THEY would!... Are you feeling alright?" He doesn't talk decor much with me.

I immediately ran to get my computer to start hunting down fabric, which I found this at JoAnn's Fabric..

Unfortunately, It is out of stock and I don't know when it will be back in... So option number two is to paint my own curtains. I think the bold stripes that Dear Lilly is working on would look great in my living room. Maybe in a soft aqua color? Have you guys ever painted curtains? Any tips? I'm hoping to share them by next week! 

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