Sunday, July 1, 2012

First Comes Love... Then Comes The Bridal Shower!

I am tickled pink that the bridal shower went off without a hitch! From Flowers... To Food... To Favors.... What a whirlwind!

(Note to self find missing eyebrows...)

I truly believe that showers are all about the tiny little details that go into making a special day for someone. Not to mention they can make the big picture that much sweeter :)

For food we had a veggie, fruit, cheese, and turkey roll-up bar.

For games we kept the laughter flowing from guessing fun facts about the Bride in a pop quiz to the ever popular make a bridal gown out of toilet paper game. {I never thought I would be writing the word toilet paper on my blog}

Making a veil out of toilet paper is not an easy task people!

This shower had sort of a cooking theme added to it, so we all brought the Bride a recipe from our cookbooks at home and we wrote little words of inspirations and advice on wooden spoons to give her a Recipe for A Good Marriage!

Next up is presents, party favors and more!