Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fun At The Home & Garden Show

Hey guys! I hope you guys all had a great weekend! Trey and I went to the HGTV Home and Garden Show last Friday. I have to say as a 21 year old dreamer it was pretty cool to see all the outdoor patios and kitchens that the exhibitors had put together! One of the exhibitors had set up a waterfall that had a fire coming straight out of the middle of the water! It was insanely cool! Ahh... Someday....

Does anyone know how to get the date off the bottom of the picture? It is bothering me!!! :)

I didn't take pictures inside the buildings because I was afraid some of the exhibitors might have had a problem with that. But I did manage to capture this priceless picture...

Sorry for the icky IPhone picture, but I had to be sneaky... That's why two thirds of the picture is of a flyer.

Trey and I were walking along when (as Trey tells me) that this guy (he had a gold grill in his mouth!) pointed him out of the crowd and said "Hey come here, put your shoe up here." This was probably the third time that one of the exhibitors had cornered Trey. Bless his heart. He gets so uncomfortable, but he was a good sport and let the guy use his shoe polishing product on his shoes. I believe the product was called Shu-Nu and for the rest of the day still I randomly work in Shu-Nu? into our conversation as if I were saying Who Knew? The humor has worn off for Trey, but I still laugh every time! I guess I'm just easily amused... 

Anyways here is the after picture that I made Trey take...

Trey is pretty hard on his shoes. He works out, mows, goes everywhere in sneakers, even wears them around the house? Does anyone else wear their shoes in the house? I don't. I'm more of a sock wearer. Anyways the product worked great and Trey was really impressed. Sorry for this little anecdote, but it was kind of the highlight of the Home and Garden Show for us since we aren't in the market for a new kitchen or patio :) Just dreamers! Did anyone else do anything fun or have anything funny happen to them this weekend?

Friday, January 20, 2012

Weekend Wonder: Shower Curtain Round 2

     Did anyone else mentally say "ding ding" after they read round two? No one? Okay just me :) This weekend I will be going round two with the shower curtain for the Weekend Wonders series. I mentioned yesterday that all shower curtain progress went down the drain when my sister and cutie pie nephew came down for my birthday last weekend.

Here's a shot of me blowing out my adorable candleabra candle that my sister found. 

Well I also mentioned yesterday that I was going to tackle this mess this weekend....

     There's bad news and good news about that....

      The bad news is that when we got the buffet that I found on Craigslist home it was two small for the TV in the living room.

The good news is that it fits perfect in the bedroom! (I'll be back next week with a picture, we still need to do some rearranging) An added bonus was that I only spent $35 on it!! Thank you Craigslist and the power of negotiating!

    So I'm off to wrestle some ruffles on a shower curtain. What are you guys up to this weekend? Anyone in the OK area going to the fair grounds for the Home and Garden Show? The boyfriend and I are! More on that next week :) Have a good weekend y'all!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Getting Schooled

This week kind of snuck up on me. I started school this week! Let me tell you, I'm still getting adjusted to my Spring schedule. It's very sporadic, but I'm kind of digging it :) 

Anyways to catch you guys up to speed, my adorable nephew came into town last weekend. So, all productiveness flew out the window! My sister and I went shopping. Bought this pretty little number...

Totally digging the neon nude trend that has been popping up all over the place. 

So I'll be going round two with my Weekend Wonder Shower Curtain project... My only excuse is this baby face....

I can't resist it! He heard my voice in the kitchen when I arrived at my parent's house and ran from the back of the house to the front of the house with open arms. I died/cried. It was the cutest thing EVER! 

 With school starting, the time pie will be split into even more slices. I have to throw homework/studying and class in there. I would love to be able to post every week day, but realistically between school, work, and life that's just not realistic. So I am vowing to post at least three times a week! Here is a sneak peek of what is to come...

I'm tackling this mess. Soon. Veryy Soon. 

Friday, January 13, 2012

Weekend Wonders: Shower Curtain

     Weekend Wonders is a series I'm starting to motivate me and anyone else that wants to tackle a project this weekend! I'll start with a preview post on Fridays about the project that I hope to complete and will follow up early the next week with the progress I made or a finished product post.

     This weekend's task has been put on the back burner for absolutely wayyyy to long. Its kind of ridiculous actually. We have been living without a proper shower curtain for months now because I am in love with the idea of a ruffled shower curtain, but have held back for two reasons. The first reason is that the boyfriend has an aversion to ruffles for some reason? Weird huh? The second reason being that the beautiful ruffle shower curtain at Urban Outfitters (pictured below) that we've all seen is out of my price range and I can't justify spending that much when I could just sit down and sew it myself. So I have declared that this is the weekend that I will tackle the shower curtain! Look at me, declaring something! Another factor is that I love the UO ruffle shower curtain but I've tweaked the idea a little to incorporate a hint of a modern pattern that I'm kind of in love with right now. You guessed it... Chevron!

Here are some shower curtains that I'm drawing inspiration from:

Here is what I will be using as a starting point...

 This is a queen set of white sheets that I found on the Target clearance isle for less than FIVE DOLLARS!! Don't believe me? Check out that beautiful red tag below!

... After all this blog is about design on a budget! Let's see what I can come up with! Check back next week for the reveal! Hopefully it will be a mix of romantic ruffles and modern lines. If that makes any sense! Ha! If you guys are going to tackle a project this weekend I'd love to see them! Just leave me a link in the comment section and I'll check it out. Have a good weekend everyone!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Click Click Click Flash

Any guesses as to what this post is about??? Not SATC the movie if thats what came to mind when you sang/read the title of the post. 

Anywho, It's pretty obvious that someone I know me  bought a camera today!

Its the Canon PowerShot ELPH 310 HS. Now I'm not a camera expert at all, but I was very excited to buy my first "big girl" camera today. Hopefully, I'll be able to update some of the posts with some clearer pictures. I'm still working on learning how to use all the camera features, so stay tuned for my critiques. Now I considered this sort of a "Happy Birthday to Me" present to myself and lets just say this week's paycheck didn't last long after I decided that I had to have it! Anyone else treat themselves to a spur of the moment present this week? I'd love to know that I wasn't alone!! 

On a side note, the lovely Natasha over at Schue Love is hosting a giveaway for Silver Lining Decor. It's a must see! A ton of fabulous pieces. I might just have to give myself another Birthday present... these earrings are calling my name!

***This post was in no way sponsored by Canon, I am just an excited blogger wanting to share my latest find. ***

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Birthday Bliss

Hi everyone! I just wanted to pop in and share with you guys some fun little pretties that I received for my Birthday....

These are my pink glittery frosting nails...

In my own little world everything is better with glitter.

The second surprise of the day were these beautiful flowers that my friend/some day sister in law sent me! Isn't she sweet?!

Getting flowers is my most favorite thing ever! No one can be mad looking at flowers. Its impossible!! 

P.S. I am on the hunt for a new camera, so the picture quality should be improved very soon, and I'm mentioning it on here so I will actually hold myself to buying one and not put it on the back burner! One of my friends said to me today "you'll never regret a picture" and I just thought that was so true. I will hopefully have one soon so I can show you a little shelf project that I've been working on. Stay tuned....

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Best Part of Waking Up....

Is Keurig in your cup! I'm pretty sure I've used like twelve k-cups since last night when I got my Keurig! It was an early birthday present from the boyfriend!! He's so sweet! Just like the cinnamon roll coffee k-cup or the milk chocolate hot chocolate k-cup or the french vanilla ice coffee k-cup.... ok, ok ya get the picture. But, seriously. SWEETNESS.

Anywhoo... I promised you guys some pictures of the couch and I'm finally going to deliver! (warning the lighting is horrible still and the real camera is on the fritz so I was stuck with my trusty Iphone....Sorry!!!)

Ta Da!!!




So COMFY! Like so comfy you pass out for a while and wake up the next morning kind of comfy! The couch purchase is just the beginning to project "Overhaul Boy Living Room." I never really showed you guys before pictures but visualize brown microfiber couches with pizza stains and bob marley/jimmy hendrix albums tacked on the wall. That. was. my. living. room... I finally persuaded Trey that we needed to start "fresh" and so we started saving our pennies for a new couch. I'm hoping that this new couch is going to be a jumping off point in the decorating process. 

Heck! Even Trey said the other day "Curtains would make this room 10 million times better."

With my response: "THEY would!... Are you feeling alright?" He doesn't talk decor much with me.

I immediately ran to get my computer to start hunting down fabric, which I found this at JoAnn's Fabric..

Unfortunately, It is out of stock and I don't know when it will be back in... So option number two is to paint my own curtains. I think the bold stripes that Dear Lilly is working on would look great in my living room. Maybe in a soft aqua color? Have you guys ever painted curtains? Any tips? I'm hoping to share them by next week! 

Happy Birthday to....

ME! Its my Birthday today!

I'll be back later with the couch post! 

Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday Monday

Unfortunately all I have to show you guys is the fabric of the couch... I know I know shame on me!! It was one of the greyest days we've had here in a long time and the couch kept coming out as greenish grey which isn't the real color at all. Here is a picture I snapped of the fabric at the furniture store to give you guys a sneak peek... keep in mind that the lighting in the store is not ideal either!

It is so soft! I basically called it my precious for the first week that we had it... no judgement! Anyone else buy a new piece of furniture with all the awesome deals going on out there? I promise I'll get up bright and early and get these photos on here tomorrow!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Oh Drat.

Womp womp womp I got home from work and the lighting in our little bungalow was way too dark already to get a good shot of the new couch. I hope to get a few good pictures this weekend, so I can show you guys early next week. But, to kick the weekend off right I'd like to leave you guys with some eye candy!!



Can anyone guess what my new color scheme is going to be in the living room? I hope ya'll have a great weekend! I've somehow managed to rope the boyfriend into going basket shopping in the morning for a little kitchen project I have up my sleeve.... muahhahahahaha (that's my evil laugh) Anywhoo... catch ya on the flip side!

Thursday, January 5, 2012


You better believe it! I apologize for sketching out last semester, I fully intend to be around a lot more this Spring. For some reason the Fall semester always completely overwhelms me and I tend to lose all sense of time my mind. Anywhoo...

I thought I'd start 2012 out with a fresh list of resolutions! (like everyone else on the blog block) I like to make my resolution lists a bit more structured with wait for it ........................... categories! I know, that was shocking, huh? 

Here we go with the Blog category:

Blog Resolutions

                               1.) Blog at least four times a week
                               2.) Make this blog into a more well rounded every day stuff sort of blog
                                                    -with posts topics such as fitness, cooking, decorating, etc.
                               3.) Add more pictures and links to each post
                               4.) Finish up the "For the Love of the Lake" series
                               5.) Get each page up and running 

Fitness Resolutions


                                1.) Actually get on the treadmill :) Not just look at it...
                                2.) Eat at home more (I've actually gotten a lot better about this already) 
                                3.) Get into a routine 

Life in General Resolutions

                               1.) Find more balance 
                               2.) Finish projects within the month 
                               3.) Take more pictures of my day to day life
                               4.) Wake up earlier and seize the day! Carpe Diem! Oh yeah!
                               5.) Create a weekly goal lists (I love to cross things out!)

Okay enough resolutions for now! Tune in tomorrow for a sneak peek of what I have cookin in the living room! I'm super excited to show you guys! Can I get a S - O - F- A!?