Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Peachy Keen

Today I made peach ice cubes. So refreshing! There is a great recipe on Miss Paula Deen's website here. While Miss Deen is a fabulous cook, I skipped the sugar and lemon and let the peaches do all the work. I simply mashed up two peaches and put them in the ice cube tray, then let them freeze for a couple hours. Two peaches made about ten ice cubes. 

There were ups and downs to these peach ice cubes....

I loved how they smelled and they gave my iced tea a little citrus-y tanginess that was pretty yummy. It also didn't hurt that they were too cute!

The down side is that after a while your iced tea gets all pulpy. Not my fav thing! 

All in all they were super cute and refreshing you just have to drink, drink, drink before your iced tea turns into a pulpy mess! If anyone knows any tips to not end up with pulpy drinks shout them out!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Girls Weekend

Last weekend all of the girls headed up to Grand Lake for some fun in the sun! 

We laid out, we swam, and we ate like there was no tomorrow... mini cinnamon rolls, cookies, crackers, lasagna, turkey sandwiches and so much more! 

All this glorious fattening food made me crave a good ole fashion Summer salad complete with chopped romaine, organic tomatoes, croutons, parmesan cheese, caribbean jerk marinated chicken and yummy creamy caesar dressing. 

{Sorry for the blurry IPhone photo, but it was spur of the moment!}

Any other Summer Salad lovers out there? Which fresh ingredient makes your mouth water? I can't resist a juicy tomato!

Psss: {I'm so excited because this weekend myself along with all of Shelby's bridesmaids will be hosting a bridal shower in her honor! Tomorrow I'll give you a sneak peek at the color scheme and inspiration, make sure to stop by!}

Bridal Shower Sneak Peek

I'm back today with a sneak peek of the bridal shower that I have been working on for my friend Shelby. The count down is officially on! The bridal shower is this weekend and the wedding is closing in on only a month away! AH! I'm so excited! The bridal party has all been working on this fabulous soiree and I can absolutely not wait until the big day! 

Okay enough exclamation points.... down to business. 

The color scheme was very fun and Summery: Pink, Yellow, and Black and White. 

We drew inspiration from..... You guessed it Pinterest!


Here is a close up of the sneak peek! Make sure to come back next week to see the full on shower reveal!!

Anyone else plan any showers or parties lately? The Fourth of July is coming up any party decor plans? I'd love to see!!