Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Has anyone else been crushing over the fabulous poufs that have been popping up everywhere in the home decor world? They are adorable and I've been seeing them everywhere! My heart goes pitter patter at the idea of making one. The only problem is there are so many cute styles to choose from.

My eye candy of the moment...

One Pouf

 Two Pouf

Red Pouf

 Blue Pouf

Pitter patter pitter patter! I'm loving the bold printed fabric pouf and the knitted poufs are to die for! I like the Moroccan style, but it would be easier to splurge and just buy it rather than my attempt turning out as a hot Moroccan mess! 

I stumbled across this great DIY/pattern for the knitted pouf that the blog Pickles provides for free! Score! All I have to do is learn how to knit and I'm good to go! :) (I'm so optimistic) Has anyone tried to DIY a pouf? I would love to see! Any knitting tips?

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