Monday, July 25, 2011

Jackie Kennedy

It is scorching hot here in Oklahoma! Of course I wouldn't just write a whole post about how hot it is here, (hotter than you know where) but in efforts to keep my mind off the blazing temperatures I thought I would start a sort of inspirational series. Cheesy? Yeahh, but I need a little inspiration every now and then. Don't we all? :)

So, when it gets so hot outside that your makeup melts and your hair frizzes or falls flat like mine, I try to think to myself HWJD? " How would Jackie Dress? I'm just being silly, but I have always admired how she exuded grace and elegance. She is truly a fashion icon, designers for years and years to come will make designs with her in mind. From shift dresses to her huge black sunglasses. All instant classics. I've definitely been known to rock the huge sunglasses that she is known for :) Such a classy lady! 

Any other classy ladies that you admire? 

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  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed the salad....Jackie O, was a class act and always so put together!