Monday, August 29, 2011

Long Skirts Yay or Nay?

My obsession with finding the perfect long skirt all started when I saw Erika from Urban Grace Interiors featured in Better Homes and Garden Magazine. Her outfit is stunning, yet seemingly effortless! Love the hot pink with the turquoise! I've had mixed feelings about long skirts since they popped up on the fashion scene, especially because I'm a shortie at 5'3", but I decided to go for it! Who wouldn't when that outfit looks so comfy yet absolutely/outrageously cute!


Here it is at Anthropologie, but unfortunately I couldn't find it in the way too cute hot pink color. It comes in navy though.

Below are some of my inspiration skirts....

These were the types of long skirt outfits that threw me off though. One because I would look like a bag lady and two because I would look like a bag lady :) 

*All of these images are via Pinterest*

Any thoughts on long skirts? Are they Yay! or Nay for you? Stay tuned to see what I whipped up!

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