Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fab Finds!

Last week my sister and I decided we just needed to get away, so we headed down to Dallas for the night for some much needed home decor shopping at Ikea, World Market, and the Container Store. With Mom and my nephew, Baby J, in tow we had a blast! Poor Baby J was so tuckered out at Ikea that he tried to take a nap on one of the kid beds. It was so cute. I wish I would've snapped a picture! 

So at World Market I picked up two of these baskets in sea mist that fit perfectly in the bathroom cabinet. Unfortunately they don't sell this color online, I checked. :( I really could use two or even three more!

I also found this adorable pink dish towel! Isn't it cute?! I think so! It's reversible too. Makes me feel like a princess when I'm drying off the dishes. Oh the little things in life :) 


My finds at Ikea were these grey velvet euro shams that were just perfect for my bed!

And these...

 Two panels come in each package, but I wanted them to be really full and billowy so I bought two packages for each window. I haven't hemmed them yet because I kind of like the dreamy way they puddle on the floor. Or I could just be being lazy?! 

As for The Container Store... no luck, I was just thrown off by the weird pricing. Some things were so reasonable, while others were ridiculously expensive for my budget. 

Jumping to this Friday, I had an amazing coupon at Bath & Body Works, so I headed to the mall and had no idea that soap could be so cute! These covers were only 5 dollas yall! They come in two sizes. One for the foaming soap, thats shorter, and one for the anti-bacterial soaps that are taller. This picture is kind of horrible because it was getting dark outside, but still super cute right?


Here's the pic from the Bath and Body Works website.

I also saw these at the store and thought they would be super cute for halloween, especially as an incentive for kids (boyfriends, husbands) to wash their hands :) 

Have a great weekend yall!

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  1. Hi Haley. I'm a first-time visitor to your blog. I saw a comment that you made on Megan's site and decided to stop by.

    Dude, IKEA is so awesome. People who have never been there don't know what they're missing. LOL. We have to drive two hours to the closest one, but it's worth every minute of the trip.

    Enjoy your holiday weekend. Nice blog!