Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Peachy Keen

Today I made peach ice cubes. So refreshing! There is a great recipe on Miss Paula Deen's website here. While Miss Deen is a fabulous cook, I skipped the sugar and lemon and let the peaches do all the work. I simply mashed up two peaches and put them in the ice cube tray, then let them freeze for a couple hours. Two peaches made about ten ice cubes. 

There were ups and downs to these peach ice cubes....

I loved how they smelled and they gave my iced tea a little citrus-y tanginess that was pretty yummy. It also didn't hurt that they were too cute!

The down side is that after a while your iced tea gets all pulpy. Not my fav thing! 

All in all they were super cute and refreshing you just have to drink, drink, drink before your iced tea turns into a pulpy mess! If anyone knows any tips to not end up with pulpy drinks shout them out!!

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