Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ruby Red Coffee Table

Lets talk coffee tables! Here is my inspiration...

I love that this coffee table has storage! Also the legs are super cute!!!

A little background info for ya'll:

Trey and I are in college so naturally we have a lot of mismatched hammy down furniture. We had one coffee table in the living room that had a light wood top with green chunky straight legs that wasn't really my style, but very sturdy. Another coffee table was in the garage that was actually almost on its way to the trash because in the process of getting it home from my sister's the bolts to the legs had been misplaced. It had an iron base with swirly scrolls and curvy legs, but had a weird plastic faux marble top that was just too dark for the living room. But, in the effort to use what we have and stay on our low low budget,  I decided by attaching the wooden top and the iron base of the other coffee table and together they would form a new fabulous coffee table. Made easy on the eye with spray paint of course!

So Trey and I got to work! I disassembled both coffee tables and then reattached the wooden top to the iron base. 

Sorry for the grainy phone pic but this is my only before shot... 

After that we used a power sander and lightly sanded the top of the table to rough it up a bit. Next step was to wipe it down and the spray prime it with Zinsser spray primer. After several light coats we attacked it with red spray paint!!! The color is Banner Red by Krylon. It took ten million coats even though we primed and was an all weekend project, but in the end it was totally worth it. Dontcha think?

We love it! (or I love it and he likes it haha) I love how it is so bright against the darkness of the couch! (Aren't throw pillows so annoying!? I love them, but I can never get them to stand up straight/photograph right)

What are you guys up to this weekend? Any furniture painting in the works? Find any inspiration on Pinterest? Anyone join in the fun with Cassie, Sherry, Katie, and Erin in the Pinterest Challenge Winter Edition?

Pssst! Pinterest does not sponsor this blog in any way shape or form. You know besides taking up all my spare time and giving me a vast amount of inspiration!  

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