Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hey Now... Just Relax!

Don't we all need a reminder ever once in a while to just relax?

My second project for the Pinterest Challenge Winter Edition was to make a banner that is a daily reminder to slow down and just relax. My inspiration for this project is the same shop as the chalkboard labels. I highly recommend Blue Pearls, they make beautifully rustic yet super elegant decor. 

I wanted to challenge myself even more by not spending a dime on this project. So the first thing I did was look at all the crafting stuff/paint I had and assemble a cohesive group of materials. I gathered some burlap, red ribbon, and mixed two paints together to get a bluey green tealish color. 

There aren't any during/process pictures! Shame on me!!

Heres the run down though:

First I cut out a template, then traced five shapes and cut each shape out. (Burlap is tricky tricky business to cut, but just go slow). After everything was cut out I put a piece of paper under each burlap shape and went to work free handing the letters. This is a tricky part also because my R is a teensy bit smaller than my ELAX. But in the world of DIY/crafting nothing is perfect so I just rolled with it. After every letter is dry, string the ribbon through the burlap, but be careful not to make the hole too close to the edge or the burlap will fall apart. I chose not to make holes with a hole punch, I just simply moved the burlap fibers until there was an opening big enough to string the ribbon through. Also, I didn't secure each letter with a knot in the ribbon because they seemed to be staying fine and I wanted to be flexible with the placement later.

Here are some close ups...

... Don't judge my smudges on the mirror, its antique! (mom) haha 

Can't wait for the Pinterest Challenge Spring Edition! 

Pssst in no way did Pinterest sponsor this project or this blog. Just a girl who likes to get crafty with her blog friends!

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  1. Super cute! That pattern would also be fun for a birthday party or just a party party. :-)

    Thanks for linking up again!

    Erin @ The Great Indoors