Saturday, June 18, 2011

Welcome to A Dash of Kennedy

Welcome to A Dash of Kennedy! I thought I would start off by sharing a little bit about myself and tell ya’ll how excited I am to start this new adventure! Here are 25 random little tidbits about me…

     1.) I am currently attending the University of Oklahoma.
2.) I’m the youngest out of five siblings.
3.) I could go to Target every single day and still be entertained : )
4.) I’m 11 years younger than my sister, which is my next youngest sibling.
5.)I read blogs everyday
6.) I think Mayo is the most disgusting condiment
7.) I have trouble focusing on one project at a time
8.) There is a never-ending, running To-Do list in the corner of my mind at all times.
9.) I love to sew.
10.) I’d take the lake over the beach any day (lake house photos to come)
11.) I have a slight obsession with eating pickles
12.) The Real Housewives series is a must watch each week and is my number one guilty pleasure!
13.) Sooner Born and Sooner Bred
14.) I’m starting to learn to cook … OUTSIDE of the microwave : )
15.) One of my hobbies is painting furniture
16.) My cats names are Lola and Gio
17.) My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost 5 years
18.) My grandmother’s maiden name was Kennedy
19.) I love all things Jackie Kennedy related/inspired
20.) One day I hope to be an inspiration to a new blogger like the ladies on my Blog Love have been to me.
21.) Despite the age difference, my sister and I are best friends.
22.) I love to travel and can’t wait to see all the wonders of the world
23.) My favorite season is by far Summer
24.) I love the lake, but am deeply scared of what’s in the water!
25.) I have recently become addicted to Starbuck’s Vanilla lattes

These are just a few random things about me to kick off this blog. More posts to come about décor, fashion, and family!


  1. Love this post!! We have A LOT in common. Yay, for another woman that says NO to Mayo. LOL. Nice to meet you.

  2. Val- I love your blog! I recently made your recipe for the apple crisp cups and they were a big hit! Its nice to meet you too!